Anchor's pricing is simple and easy

Just like getting paid is going to be for you

No credit card or subscription fee required

This includes

No additional fees

  • We get paid when you get paid

  • Includes all features and tools

  • Free Bank Transfer

Unlimited proposals and agreements

  • Branded and personalized

  • Dynamic payment terms & conditions

  • Flexible billing: on completion, by quantity, and more

Unlimited automated billing and payments

  • Automatic billing and payments, according to agreement

  • Auto-reminders and dunning emails

  • QuickBooks integration

Pre-approved payment methods

  • Collect ACH or credit cards in advance

  • Secure, bank-level protection

Full transparency

  • Dashboard consolidating all payments

  • Real time status bar for you and your client

Personal human support

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Technical support anytime, anywhere

  • Searchable help center in-chat

Monthly subscription
Unlimited users per account
Unlimited companies/clients
Unlimited proposals and agreements
Unlimited automated invoices
Unlimited automated payments
Automated dunning emails and reminders
Dedicated human support
Bank Transfers (ACH) & bank deposits
Receiving credit card payments
2.9% + $0.30 Credit/Debit Card Fee
Paid by the client
Nancy D'Amato

Anchor is AMAZING! They’ve reduced my billing time by 90%. Since clients fill out their information, I don't have to write it down to input into my software. Easy setup for me, payments flow to my bank account. I literally set it and forget it. It's one less thing to worry about in my busy practice.

Alexandrina Mic-Podar
Bookkeeping & Financial Services

When I started my business, I bought a brand new car to pick up my clients’ checks all over town. It had 160.000 miles on it two years later. Even if you don't chase checks, I'm sure you chase clients around their schedules to get paid. That's the pain that Anchor fixes. I'm so excited!

Avi Kaufman
Software Development Agency

The more I use it, the more I love it. I have clients that have been paying me with a physical check and didn’t agree to shift until Anchor. They instantly loaded in their banking info and their bill goes out automatically in the next week. You just solved a massive pain point for me!

Ladd Thorn
Professional Home Detailing

This is awesome, exactly what I needed this whole time.I’ve been trying to do this for myself for 4 years…. Getting paid has been the hardest thing for me to stay on top of. This is exactly what I had envisioned in my mind as what I would do for my company, so this is PERFECT.

Joe Tidwell
Bookkeeping & Financial Services

If you got AR collections, Anchor eliminates the need to hire a clerk to track down invoices and payments from clients. Instead, I can hire someone who can actually produce revenue… If I can eliminate that need I can grow faster.

Ruby Camilo-Garcia
Bookkeeping and Financial Services

We are so happy we automated our billing with Anchor.  We are saving valuable time processing billing and collections each month. Saving money in staff hours and wire fees. The best part for us is Anchor collects our payments on time and via ACH! Thank you Anchor!


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