Autonomous Billing. How Does it Work ?

To create a fully autonomous billing system and close the cycle effectively with zero errors, we discovered that we must start before the billing even begins: at the agreement stage between a vendor and their client.


Send an online live agreement to your client to sign with one click.

The secret sauce is turning the engagement letter into a live tool that you work with as a single source of truth between you and your clients.

Payment Method

Your customer is asked to provide a payment method for future use.

You never need to deal with payment details and collections directly. Your client only needs to provide them once.


You now have a cloud agreement with a payment method connected. The foundation for freedom is set.


Invoices are generated automatically from the agreement.

The invoices are generated and populated automatically from the agreement according to the commercial terms and your T&Cs.


Automatic payment with confidence.

Zero surprises at the end of the month for customers. No manual collection or payment is needed for both parties.


Automatic reconciliation.

Anchor is connected to both the bank and your accounting software so it can fully reconcile payments end to end.