The old saying goes, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." But loving what you do doesn’t mean loving how it gets done. Years ago, when I was a business consultant, my team and I would put our heart and soul into helping other businesses grow by identifying inefficiencies. Like many other service providers, we had great relationships with our clients. But every month, when the time came to invoice them and collect payments, that relationship broke down a little bit, at least from our side.

That’s because we felt the pain that every ​​commercial services provider does, at every part of the manual billing and collections cycle.

Services providers like accountants, lawyers, HR services, and others work hard to build out their businesses, taking the long road through education, certification, and establishing themselves in their chosen field. But too often, this story ends in disappointment - when business owners find that actually getting paid for the work they have done is an endless, vicious cycle that drains their energy and passion for their profession. And after it’s all done,
60% of B2B payments
are still late.

Service providers say getting paid is their biggest challenge. But in today’s technologically advanced business environment, that makes absolutely no sense. How is that the biggest challenge in a modern business? In other industries, like e-commerce, or software, the challenges are around growth and sales, not basic functioning and survival.

There’s one root cause of all of this systemic inefficiency and universal pain: manual billing. It’s a never-ending, non-billable job for business owners and managers, it’s late nights researching what goes into invoices, based on earlier agreements, tucked in an email somewhere. It's chasing after late payments. Checking to see if people paid. An average of 5% in lost revenue over human errors, forgotten conversations, or disputes. Employee time wasted on activities that don’t generate revenue.

The pain goes deeper, to the damaged trust that breaks down business relationships, and ultimately, the business itself. And it doesn’t stop there - billing failures make people operate in survival mode, often destroying profitable businesses.

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Top Line (Gross Revenue)



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The most important part of the traditional billing cycle is missing -

where is a service providers guarantee of timely,

accurate payment when their work is done?

Sure, there are solutions to track invoices or send collection emails automatically. Patchy workarounds, Excel sheets, and way more software than you actually need. But none of that works well enough, because cash flow issues cause 90% of business closures, even while most are profitable.

Shouldn't any financial software solution actually finish its job and

get your company paid when your work is done?

Today, we are so proud to introduce Anchor’s Autonomous Billing and Collections. We started Anchor for business owners, with a solution that dramatically improves their bottom line. We do that by completely automating the billing cycle, from proposal to reconciliation, all in one place.

By removing any possibility of human error, we remove the need for the payer to check the transaction for risks like fraud, mistakes, or double payments. We provide a verified channel for businesses to release payments, according to their contracts, at the correct time.

We built our solution around the needs of vendors and their clients. By making business processes flow for every service provider, we get companies paid on time, every time, effortlessly. We're liberating service providers from the administrative burden of billing, and giving their clients a secure way to make payments without risks like fraud, error, or double payments. This makes vendor-client relationships frictionless.

We hope that this will bring about a better business world, where B2B transactions work like they are supposed to. Where services are provided and billed as agreed. Where payments come through accurately and on time. Where the people behind it all are happy - and thriving - in their work.

We're setting a new standard of autonomous revenue delivery to end late payments for good, giving people their time and energy back. We want to give every business a place to do business and to ensure predictable revenue for them. So that people have more time to work on what matters, build thriving companies, and love their work again. That’s why we’re here, we’re building the future of B2B payments, and we hope you will join us.