We're excited to announce our partnership with the CalCPA!

Here's our official announcement as released publically:

CalCPA Partners with Anchor to bring Autonomous Billing & Collections to the Entire Accounting Industry‍

In a new software partnership, more than 40,000 CalCPA members across the country can now utilize Anchor’s SaaS platform to automate their entire billing and collections cycle– including agreements, invoicing, payment collections and reconciliation.

New York, September 7, 2022 — Anchor, the autonomous B2B billing & collections platform, partners with the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA) to bring its platform to the largest statewide professional association of CPAs in the U.S. Through the partnership, Anchor provides CalCPA members exclusive pricing and discounts as well as dedicated staff to support the members, to access its end-to-end billing & collections automation platform, which eliminates late payments, revenue leakage, manual work, and high operational costs.

Autonomous billing & collections, end-to-end.

As more industries embrace automations to streamline operations, cash-flow sensitive small and medium businesses are often left behind. Addressing the progress gap is especially vital to benefit everyday accounting professionals that deal with tedious and manual multi-step processes, constant technological changes, pressure to remain cost effective, and limited time to deliver billable services.

Through this partnership, CalCPA members can now leverage Anchor's platform to completely automate every laborious step in the billing and collections process– including agreements, e-signatures, invoicing, payment collection, and reconciliation. The software eliminates businesses late payments and firms revenue leakage, which impacts 2-5% of business’ top lines on average. Additionally, Anchor’s end-to-end platform helps members cut costs during the market downturn by consolidating multiple software technologies into one solution. This enables firms to save resources spent on manual administrative work and focus them on billable hour tasks, contributing directly to their top line revenue by an average of 5-9% annually.

Anchor’s platform addresses the complex and dynamic needs of accounting firms and financial professionals. The platform does this by allowing firms to create live agreements which accommodate flexible billing terms, easily setting up hourly, fixed, recurring, and non-recurring agreements. Once the billing date arrives, the platform automatically distributes invoices based on the pre-approved agreement terms. These terms can include variables such as price, hourly quantity caps, services, terms, and additional data from integrated office software.

Clients add their payment details to the live agreement prior to initiating the service, allowing the system to automatically charge clients through a pre-approved payment method, ensuring the business always gets paid on time. Anchor then reconciles the transaction into the firm’s general ledger.

Auto reconciliation with Anchor

“We are thrilled to partner with CalCPA to facilitate the growth of everyday accounting firms and CPAs, by changing the way payments and billing processes are managed today,” says Rom Lakritz, CEO and Co-Founder at Anchor. “CalCPA is an incredibly prestigious and innovative organization and we are proud to provide our platform to their wide network of CPAs and financial professionals across many different industries and sectors.”

“Anchor is emphasizing how technology and automation can help accounting match other complex industries in innovation,” says Denise LeDuc Froemming, CPA, CAE, President and CEO of CalCPA. “Creating benefits and bringing innovation to our members is a priority for CalCPA, and partnering with a new company helps address more efficiency and business management challenges for CPAs everywhere.”

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Your 1st of every month with Anchor

About Anchor
Anchor gets businesses paid on time, effortlessly. Anchor’s autonomous billing solution is a cloud-based platform that redefines B2B billing, collections, and payments. By providing an end-to-end billing and collections solution and removing all manual labor from these processes, Anchor eliminates the risks of fraud and human error in B2B payments. Founded in 2021, Anchor brings the SaaS billing experience to the B2B service industry and is the first to support dynamic billing needs that change constantly.

About CalCPA
CalCPA traces its heritage to 1903 when the California State Society of Certified Public Accountants was organized. In 1909, it merged with two other state CPA associations to form CalCPA. CalCPA serves more than 40,000 professional and student members in public practice, private industry, academia and government, and has 14 chapters across California. CalCPA also offers more than 1,400 live courses, conferences, webcasts and on-demand self-study courses annually. More information is available online: www.calcpa.org