See you soon!!

Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege to attend industry events and to meet you, the accounting professionals driving this industry forward with innovation, hard work, and grit.

Below is a list of the events we’ll be attending in October, November, and December. 

If you’ll be at any of these, please stop by our booth, say hi, and come grab a drink with us. There’s nothing we love more than connecting in person with the people we’re building Anchor for and we’re excited to see you SOON!! 

If you’d like to have a 1:1 meeting to learn more about Anchor and our future plans or you just want to share your thoughts and ideas with us, email [email protected] and we’ll set that up!

We’re packing our bags, Anchor shirts, and swag, and heading out to meet you! Here’s where we hope to see you soon:

Creative Business Models for Accountants: October 25th-27th, Miami, FL

We’re proud to collaborate with Hector Garcia and Carlos Garcia to bring you this amazing event featuring Ron Baker, Chris Do, and many more. The event will cover the different business models available for your firms and is all about helping you find the right and most effective business model for your firm! 

In this 2.5-day event, there will be sessions, round tables, talks, and loads of networking time so you can leave this event with a clear understanding of what you need to implement so you can thrive financially. 

Join us in Miami and make sure to stop by our booth and say hi to Gai (Director of Product) and Omry (Co-Founder)! 

Deeper Weekend: October 25-27, 2023, GREENVILLE, SC.

This is the annual weekend for the Thriveal community, managed by Jason Blumer and his team. This year’s focus is ACQUIRE. SELL. MERGE. SCALE. and is perfect for sole firm owners with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you’ll be there, be sure to stop by our booth, get some awesome Anchor swag and talk going, and say hi to Tal (VP Ops) and Rom, (CEO & Founder). 

QuickBooks Connect: November 13-15th, Las Vegas, NV. 

QuickBooks must be one of our top events of the year as we get to meet so many of you in one place! We’ll be in town from November 11th-15th so feel free to reach out.

We have so much planned for the Anchor community and industry professionals at QuickBooks Connect this year, so we’ll send a separate email about it! 

Here’s a short overview:

  • Anchor Meetup -limited space: Join our exclusive “Pre-QuickBooks Cocktails and Mingling” on Sunday, the 12th, at our Aria suite. If you’re an Anchor user, you’ll be added to the top of the registration list and we have something awesome for you! Register here to secure your spot. 
  • Anchor-Your-Growth talks: During every exhibition hour, we’ll be featuring amazing professionals at our Anchor booth to share their growth insights with you. These 15-minute growth talks will be given by Ron Baker, Hector Garcia, Sharrin Fuller, Vanessa Vaquez, Jason Blumer, and Shahram Zarshenas.
  • Book your subscription model book: Ron Baker will be signing his new subscription model book at our booth on Tuesday morning! As the official tech infrastructure for the Subscription Model, we sponsored some books so our amazing industry professionals can easily learn more and get into the subscription model! Keep an eye out for the registration link so you can get your own Subscription Model book!
  • Get paid, Vegas style: If you’re already using Anchor, you don’t need any Vegas luck! But if you know firm managers not using Anchor to automate and streamline their firm’s cash flow, invite them to our booth to book a demo and get them paid Vegas-style! That’s all we’ll say for now, but look out for our posts on social media!
  • The Anchor QBC SWAG!! If you’ve met us before at events, you know we love to go unique when it comes to Anchor swag. Come pick up the QBC 2023 Anchor swag at our booth and get your exclusive Anchor giveaway!

Digital CPA 2023: December 3-6, Las Vegas, NV

We’ll be attending AICPA's Digital CPA event to meet amazing accounting professionals like yourself and get a chance to network with people we missed at QBC! If you’ll be there, please email us so we can find a time to connect in person.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all in person in the upcoming months!